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About This Website

If you'd like to contribute, for example by correcting mistakes in the database or by suggesting features, you can also ask (using the form below or by sending Mike an email) to join our Slack space for the website.

Mission Statement

We are a small community of music enthusiasts who are using this website to log, rate tag and review the music we listen to, and to find new and exciting music that others have logged, rated, reviewed or tagged. There are much bigger services, most notably RYM, which you can and should join. This website will never be as complete as other services like RYM, Discogs or Musicbrainz. Nor will it have as many users as RYM. But take a look at our chart and the tagging system behind it, and maybe you will enjoy the simplicity and focus that we offer.

Regarding the Migration
  • It will be a time-consuming process, we expect to be finished by the end of 2022.
  • Until then both the old and new versions will co-exist.
  • Both versions use the same database, so you can use both old and new interchangeably without losing any data. However, some features might cease to be available on the old version as we move along.
Rating/Tagging Scale
On this website we rate releases on a scale from 0 to 100. We use this color scheme: